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Individual Marketing Concepts

The best marketing is precisely tailored to your company and includes all facets of marketing.

You already have existing customers? Perfect! Existing customers can be advertised free of charge. You only need the permission of your users to be contacted. ‍

Continue with new customer acquisition. The best way to do this is to use a mixture of online and offline advertising. Potential customers will see your ads on their way to work and later on social media.


Email marketing is an easy and cost-effective way to reach customers and those who might become customers.

With tools like GetResponse, you can send more than just newsletters. Templates can be created, online stores can be integrated to send customer-related advertising or even webinars can be advertised and carried out.

You want to create a success analysis of your campaign afterwards? This is also done quickly with e-mail marketing. Most tools have already integrated an analysis function with which you can not only see whether and how many of your e-mails have reached the recipients. You can see how many have opened the email and interacted with your content.

Logo Design / Redesign

The logo of your company is at the same time your figurehead, recognition feature and best marketing tool. With a logo cut to your company, if implemented correctly and professionally, you have the opportunity to make customers think of your company already with certain colors, shapes or parts of your company name.

Packaging / Label

The packaging of a product determines whether it is purchased. Your customers need to see the product, recognize your brand and at the same time imagine a way to integrate this product into their lives.

Business Card

Modern business cards fit exactly to the described company, are coordinated with the corporate design and are best easily entered into the digital contact book or CRM of your potential customers. ‍

A simple and clear design as well as QR codes or NFC chips make modern business cards particularly valuable.

Print and Billboard Ads

To this day, print and billboard ads are one of the most popular advertising methods. Potential customers see the advertisements in "real" life and know on very large advertising spaces.